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Arctic ECRA is a collaborative programme within ECRA and the European Polar Board. ECRA (European Climate Research Alliance) is an association of European scientific institutions active in climate research.

The EPB endorsed participation in a joint Arctic ECRA cooperative action at the plenary meeting in Sofia in October 2011. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between ECRA and the European Polar Board was signed by ECRA and EPB. A joint Steering Committee of ECRA and EPB representatives was appointed. The terms of reference and the governance of the MoU have been developed with the contribution of the ESF and ECRA Secretariats. EPB is playing a role in promoting the widest participation of members and identifying potential topics such as polar prediction or observations (cross calibrations).

In July 2013, the Arctic ECRA Strategy and Work Plan was finalised. The Arctic ECRA Strategy was successfully presented in March 2014 in Brussels (plan available at