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Policy Advisory Group

Deputy Chairs: N Koç, V Vitale

Members: N Biebow, J Chappellaz, F Dichmann, J Francis, P Huybrechts, ET Níelsson, A Quesada, G Vieira

The Policy Advisory Group (PAG) acts on requests received for policy advice on Polar issues, and supports EPB in policy-related questions asked by an entity deemed relevant. The PAG’s mission is to provide policy-relevant evidence-based advice on Polar issues. It shall react at as required on questions coming from relevant and accepted entities. The PAG must ensure that the views it expresses are representative of the EPB. The PAG ensures a joint voice and coordinated input from the European polar research community is heard on relevant issues in European and international organisations and fora.

For any Polar-relevant policy advice queries, please contact the EPB Executive Secretary, who will forward requests to the Policy Advisory Group.


Policy Brief on the Impacts of High Fuel Prices on Polar Research 2022