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EU-PolarNet: Connecting Science with Society

EU-Polarnet links European Polar research and infrastructure with global partners, (e.g. AMAP, NSF, CPC), International Polar Organizations (e.g. Arctic Council, APECS, IASC,SCAR), Polar programmes, Networks and International Initiatives (e.g. SAON, SOOS, SIOS, INTERACT, EUAIC, GCW, ICARP-III, Belmont, IPPI). Please follow link for further details.


CHOICEe is a joint project between the EPB and the European Space Agency (ESA), investigating the impacts of the extreme environments and isolation experienced by polar station overwintering staff on the human immune system.


Southern Ocean Carbon and Heat Impact on Climate (SO-CHIC) is a EU-funded project, in which the EPB is a partner. SO-CHIC investigates the role played by the Southern Ocean in the global climate system. The project began in November 2019.


Arctic Research Icebreaker Consortium for Europe

Horizon 2020 flyer

Arctic and Antarctic Science for Europe - The Polar Regions in a Connected World – a challenge for Horizon 2020


EPB collaboration with Arctic ECRA: The European Climate Research Alliance