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Action Groups


The EPB implements its Strategy 2017-2022 through various Action Groups. 


Action Group on International Cooperation

Action Group members:  C Krieger (Chair) N Biebow, H Burgess, M Vancauwenberghe, V Vitale


Action Group on Infrastructure

Action Group members: M Ojeda (Chair), P Głowacki, D Mateev, A Quesada, H Savela, J Sorribas, M Vancauwenberghe, G Vieira, V Vitale


Action Group on Environmental Impacts of Polar Research and Logistics

Action Group members: J Jania, E Topp-Jørgensen, K Jones-Williams, A Yılmaz


Policy Advisory Group

Action Group members: N Koç (Deputy Chair), V Vitale (Deputy Chair), N Biebow, J Chappellaz, F Dichmann, J Francis, P Huybrechts, ET Níelsson, A Quesada, G Vieira