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Two calls for accessing infrastructure

Details of the SIOS research infrastructure and INTERACT Transnational/Remote Access calls:

SIOS research infrastructure

The Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System (SIOS) is a regional observational system for long-term measurements in and around Svalbard, addressing Earth System Science (ESS) questions related to Global Change.

The upgraded observing system and research facilities offered by SIOS build on the extensive observation capacity and diverse world class research infrastructure provided by institutions from many nations already established in Svalbard. This includes a substantial capability for utilising remote sensing resources to complement ground-based observations.

SIOS aims to optimise the use of existing RI and is therefore offering  funded access to facilities owned by SIOS members across Svalbard. Access projects should use existing RI from SIOS members. Access may be physical (access to a field station, lab or equipment) or virtual (access to data).

See SIOS website for more information.

The application deadline is 15th September 2018.

INTERACT Transnational/Remote Access

The INTERACT project provides transnational and remote access to 43 research stations located in the Arctic, northern alpine and forest areas in Europe, Russia and North-America.
Transnational Access means free of charge access to research infrastructures or installations for selected user groups. The access includes the logistical, technological and scientific support and the specific training that is usually provided to external researchers using the infrastructure.
Remote Access is a form of Transnational Access in which the user(s) do not visit the infrastructure/installation physically themselves; instead the staff of the infrastructure/installation is conducting the study/collecting the samples/doing the monitoring for the user(s) according to their research plan.
See INTERACT website for more information.

Call is open 13th August – 12th October 2018