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Not just the Polar Bear or Penguins - Biodiversity in the Polar Regions

While in some traditional societies humans and nature are one, in Western civilisations there is a hierarchy between these two. Today's consumer way of life have irreparable consequences on the environment and often impacts many species. Reinventing the relationship with the living organisms is therefore a necessity.

With this in mind, the National Museum of Natural History in Luxembourg is hosting an exhibition“Impact. La biodiversité en questions” designed and produced by the Museum of Toulouse from 7th of October 2022 to 16th of April 2023. The exposition includes various activities that suggest ways to protect biodiversity.

As part of this exposition, the EPB's Executive Secretary, Dr. R Badhe, will talk about biodiversity in the Polar regions on 4th of April 2023 at 18:30 CET (GMT+1) at the National Museum of Natural History in Luxembourg.

"Not just the Polar Bear or Penguins - Biodiversity in the Polar Regions"

At the Earth's polar regions, life exists under difficult conditions, with extreme cold, harsh weather, and long periods without daylight. Life has evolved in many unusual ways to be able to thrive in the polar regions - life in the polar regions extends far beyond penguins and polar bears. In this talk with Dr. R Badhe, they will explore what lives at the poles, from the microscopic plankton to the massive whales, and birds that fly from the Arctic to the Antarctic and back every year. Of course, there will be some penguins and polar bears too! 


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