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EPB ASSW 2022 Sessions: 'Looking back and ahead' & 'Introducing Polardex'

On 29-3 the EPB is organising two sessions at ASSW 2022. These will be hybrid sessions and online ASSW registration and participance is free of charge. To participate online, you can register for ASSW 2022 via this link: Registration -

Looking back and ahead (14.00-15.30 GMT +2) 

First half of the session:

Cooperation across national and disciplinary boundaries has long been characteristic of the European polar research community, conducive of its global leadership in research in the Arctic and the Antarctic. In the EPB’s 26th year, and nearing the completion of its first Strategy (2017-2022), this session will showcase the EPB's achievements so far, and the impact it has had in the last 5 years. We will look at tools that have been developed, and networks that have been strengthened by the EPB.

Second half of the session:

During the second half of this session, the EPB will look ahead, and host an open discussion to identify current and future priorities for the EPB, and European Polar Research. Please join us in reflecting on the past five years, and looking ahead to the years to come.


Welcome by Renuka Badhe (Executive Secretary of the European Polar Board) 

Mission & Vision by Renuka Badhe  (Executive Secretary of the European Polar Board) 

EPB highlights of the past five years by Kirsi Latola (former EPB chair)

Online coordination of the European polar infrastructure by Miguel Ojeda (chair of the EPB Action Group on Infrastructure and 

International cooperation of the EPB by Henry Burgess (chair of the EPB Action Group on International Cooperation) 

Looking ahead by Nicole Biebow (current chair of the EPB) 

A wider EC perspective by Ana-Maria Stan (European Comission representative) 


Introducing Polardex: database of polar research infrastructure and planned routes (16.00-18.00 GMT+2)

Polardex is a soon-to-be-launched platform for polar infrastructure and logistics discovery and planning. During this session, we will provide you with a preview of Polardex and opportunity to explore the system yourselves.