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2024 European Polar Science Week: Call for session proposals

We are now inviting you to submit session proposals to the 2nd edition of the European Polar Science Week (EPSW) in September 3-6, 2024, in Copenhagen. These sessions will be used to shape the oral programme of the EPSW. A call for Posters will be issued in the coming weeks.

This year's European Polar Science Week will be centred around seven High-Level topics:

1. The current state and forthcoming changes in the polar regions
2. Polar ice, ocean, climate dynamics and tipping points
3. Polar ecosystems, biodiversity, and carbon cycles
4. Humans in the Arctic
5. Societal impacts of polar change 
6. Polar observations, models, and data 
7. New methods for understanding the polar regions 

We kindly invite you to submit session proposals within these topics, keeping in mind the following simple guidelines:

  • Sessions will have a duration of 1.5 hours, with 4-5 keynotes and a discussion at the end
  • Sessions shall focus on high level exchange of knowledge, identification of knowledge gaps and potential steps forward  
  • All sessions can focus on research in both poles, including in situ and remote observations and modelling 
  • Priority will be given to sessions focussing on cooperation between the in-situ and remote observing community 
  • A session proposal will not be considered complete unless it contains:
    - 2 chairs (who will also be rapporteurs and contribute to the final report)
    - 3-5 talks. Session talks shall to the maximum extent contain:
                      - Speakers of different nationalities
                      - Diversity in opinion and methodology within the scientific community and within the session subject
                      - Gender mix
                      - Representation from various stages of scientific careers
                      - If possible, mix of both EC and ESA polar cluster scientific community members 
    - A description of the sessions containing scientific challenges, key questions to be addressed and its relevance to the EPSW overall objectives. 

Sessions can be submitted here:

The overall objective of the European Polar Science Week is to bring together the European polar science community and reinforce European cooperation for polar science. 
More specifically, the objectives are to:

  • Share the latest results in polar science with a focus on Earth observation, and promote networking and collaborative research in polar sciences, bringing together different expertise, data, and resources in a systemic manner, 
  • Discuss progress in addressing recommendations from the 1st European Polar Science Week (, 
  • Identifying major polar scientific challenges, observation gaps and research needs for the coming years,
  • Formulate recommendations for an EC-ESA Common Polar Science Agenda,
  • Develop and provide policy relevant recommendations. 

This call will be open from February 9 to March 15, after which the Science Advisory Board (SAB) will review, accept/reject, or propose mergers/changes of sessions to ensure a final comprehensive programme in line with EPSW objectives. 

Find more information here: