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Contemporary Ice-Sheet Dynamics: ocean interaction, meltwater and non-linear effects


17.08. – 22.08.2015


Cambridge, UK


The meeting will bring together researchers from the oceanographic and glaciological communities who use observational and modelling tools in the study of ice-sheet stability, surface mass balance and its influence on glacier dynamics, ice stream–ice shelf interaction, ice-sheet basal properties, sub-glacial hydrology, tidewater glaciers and ocean interactions, ice shelf mass balance, ice shelf stability, iceberg calving, oceanographic circulation and processes within sub-ice shelf cavities, circulation and ocean heat transfer through fjord systems, continental shelf processes that modify oceanographic conditions and processes beneath ice shelves, and teleconnections that influence shelf seas. By bringing all these communities together, the aim of the meeting is to establish an integrated understanding of this interrelated sequence of processes that ultimately link open-ocean variations with changes in the inland ice sheet, and to provide an overview of the current state of knowledge in this rapidly-moving field of research.